Check the list of items below to find out what is recyclable in San José. Recycling is collected weekly from residential homes, mobile home parks, and apartments and condos. Collection for apartments and condos varies by complex; contact your property manager for details. Find your collection day using the Residential Services Lookup.

  • When in doubt, find out! Any items you’re unsure of should go in the garbage cart or bin.
  • Keep food, liquid and food-soiled containers out of the recycling cart.
  • Empty and scrape any cans, cartons, or containers before placing them in the recycling bin.
  • Separate materials from each other. (Except plastic bottle caps can stay on plastic bottles.)
  • Leave items loose, not bagged. Flatten items such as cardboard. Don’t overfill your cart or bin.
  • Never put extra garbage in your recycling cart/bin!
  • Keep Household Hazardous Waste out of the recycling and garbage carts.
  • Where possible, give new life to items by donating them.
  • Schedule a Junk Pickup appointment by calling your recycling collection company.
  • Print out a handy recycling reference sheet for single-family homes or multi-family apartments, condos, or townhomes.

Set-Out Instructions:

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