Recycling Properly: How Clean Is Clean?

We all play a role in keeping San José clean. One of the simplest yet impactful ways to contribute is by recycling properly. 

The cleanliness of the items we place in our recycling containers is often overlooked. While they don’t need to be spotless, it’s important to make sure they are clean enough to prevent liquids or solids from leaking onto other recyclables. The process is easy: a quick empty and scrape of containers will make them clean enough—no need to rinse. Whether it’s the last bit of peanut butter, pasta sauce, or remnants of food in your recyclable takeout container, a small effort goes a long way. When containers are not emptied and scraped, they can also contaminate the contents of the recycling truck that comes to pick it up. 

Emptying and scraping out liquids and solids go a long way in maintaining the value of our recycling systems and ensuring that our recyclables are clean enough to be made into new products. Your small actions add up to big changes, and combined with everyone else, we collectively create a cleaner environment for all of us. 

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