Water Filters

Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

Do Not Recycle at Home

Do not try to cut open water filters and recycle them yourself. Filters contain contaminants that were intentionally removed from your water, and opening them can expose both you and the environment to toxins.

Did You Know?

Water: Filtered or Bottled?

A family of four could easily spend more than $3,000 in one year by drinking eight glasses of water a day from bottled water. By switching to a water filtration system, which costs about $230 to provide the same amount of water, a family of four could save about $2,800 each year. Read more at How Stuff Works.

Best Filter for Your Water

How do you know which type of filter will work best to remove fluoride or chlorine, or any other contaminant in your water? The Environmental Working Group has put together a Water Filter Buying Guide to help you find the right type of filter for the contaminants you want to remove.