Telephones (Landline)

Illegal in Garbage, Recycling & Drains

Telephones are e-waste that can be disposed of through the County Household Hazardous Waste Program.

If your phone is in good condition, consider donating it.

Trash Bin

Never Throw in the Garbage

Landline telephones are made with chemicals and hazardous materials found in circuit boards and batteries. These materials are dangerous when placed in landfills because they can leach into water supplies.

Ways to Reuse


Sell or Donate

If your old landline is still in good condition, consider donating it or selling it. You can try selling it locally or on eBay, since discontinued phones can be valuable.

Did You Know?

The History of the Telephone

The Problem of E-Waste

E-waste is a dangerous business in India and China, where e-waste recycling plants release toxic chemicals into the air and cause health problems for recycling workers. To learn more about e-waste, check out The Story of Stuff Project.