Succulents, Yucca, and Cacti

Yard Trimmings Cart/Pile

Acceptable yard trimmings include succulents, yucca and cacti, which are composted with your other yard trimmings. Remove as much dirt and soil as possible prior to placing in the yard trimmings pile/cart. The dirt/soil goes in the garbage. 

Place plastic nursery containers in the recycling cart/bin.  

Ceramic and terracotta pots are not recyclable. Place these in the garbage cart/bin.  


Donate, Sell or Trade a Healthy Plant 

If your plant is healthy and in good condition, give away your plant to a friend or neighbor, or sell / trade through online plant groups. 

Did You Know?

From One Succulent into Two

Did you know that one succulent can be made into many succulents? All it takes is a single leaf or cutting to create a new succulent. Watch the video below to find out more about propagating succulents: