Yard Trimmings Cart/Pile

Accepted yard trimmings include branches, prunings and clippings (e.g. flowers, grass, leaves, palm fronds), and sod (remove as much soil as possible). 

Cut It Up

Cut sod into strips if composting.  Sod cutters can be rented from hardware stores to help cut and lift sod from the soil.  

Wait to Cut It

Sod can dry out quickly.  If donating or selling your sod, make sure to cut it only once you have found it a new owner and have scheduled a pickup or delivery.  

Ways to Reuse


Create Compost For Your Garden

Add small pieces of sod directly into your backyard compost bin. Stack larger sheets of sod directly on top of one another, wetting each sod layer, and cover the pile with a tarp. Within months, the sod will decompose into usable compost for your garden.


Make a Garden Bed Foundation 

Use your sod to build a garden or flower bed. Turn a sheet of sod upside down so the roots are face-up, cover it with several inches of soil, and plant vegetables or flowers directly into the sod. As the sod decomposes, it will provide a nutrient-rich soil for your new plants.

Donate or Sell Your Sod

Healthy sod can be put to good use in another lawn. Donate or sell any sod you want to get rid of. You could even list it on Nextdoor or Facebook Marketplace.