Silicone Products

Alternative ways to recycle
Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

Do Not Recycle Curbside

Silicone cannot currently be processed by most recycling facilities.

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Stasher Repurpose Program

Stasher has partnered with TerraCycle to create the Stasher Repurpose Program, which gives old, damaged Stasher silicone bags a second life as playground or track surfaces. Learn how to recycle Stasher bags.

Simple Ecology Recycling Program

All Simple Ecology silicone goods can be recycled through their recycling program. Mail back any damaged Simple Ecology silicone products and they will send them on to a silicone recycler.

Ways to Reuse

Repurpose Damaged Bakeware

Damaged silicone bakeware can be repurposed as potholders, hotplates, or jar grips. When repurposing, do not cut silicone products that contain fiberglass, such as Silpat.

Reimagine Punctured Bags

Check out these 11 ways you can keep using a silicone bag despite a puncture or tear.

Did You Know?

What Is Silicone?

Silicone is a compound created through an industrial process that synthesizes silicon (from sand) and hydrocarbons (from oil or natural gas) into a new polymer that is flexible, stable and heat-resistant. Most household silicone products are silicone rubber, a type of silicone that is not the same as traditional rubber but not the same as generic plastic, either.

How Eco-Friendly Is Silicone?

Although silicone is more eco-friendly than generic plastics because it doesn’t leach toxic chemicals, it is not as eco-friendly as material like glass or stainless steel that can be recycled endlessly. Silicone can only be recycled a limited amount of times, and loses its quality when recycled, just like plastic. Silicone also doesn’t biodegrade like wood and paper products.