Junk Pickup

Refrigerators can be disposed of through the City’s Junk Pickup Program.  

Avoid Removing It Yourself

Mishandling these bulky appliances can lead to physical harm. Hire a properly trained individual to remove a refrigerator or its compressor if you lack the experience. They may need to recover refrigerant before you can dispose of the fridge.

Never Dump Illegally

Refrigerators and other large appliances contain hazardous components, such as oil, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and mercury. Never dump these items because they leach hazardous chemicals into the environment.

Ways to Reduce

energy star

Buy an Energy Efficient Fridge

Purchase a refrigerator that is energy efficient like one marked ENERGY STAR® . ENERGY STAR®  is a government-backed certification for energy efficient appliances. Learn more about how to pick out an eco-friendly fridge that will meets your needs.

Did You Know?

Home Efficiency Audit

Home Depot developed an easy-to-use tool that you can use to calculate your home’s energy use. This tool can also help you take steps to reducing your energy bill and help the environment. Find out more.

How Refrigerator Recycling Works