Record Players

Illegal in Garbage & Drains

If your record player is in good condition, consider donating it.

Trash Bin

Never Throw in the Trash

A record player contains hazardous material that can leach into the environment if improperly disposed of. Never throw them in the trash.

Electronics Recovery and Recycling Program

California established the Electronics Recycling Act of 2003 to regulate how electronics are handled at the end of their life. Find out which locally-based organizations will take back unwanted or damaged electronics.

Ways to Reuse

Donate to a Thrift Shop

Drop off an unwanted record player at a local thrift store. Donating unwanted items extends their lifespans.

Did You Know?

"Turntablism" - Art Making Turntable

Artists are transforming old record players into illustrators. They have reinvented “turntablism,” which is a word describing the act of using a turntable to draw revolving images.