Razor Blades

Alternative ways to recycle
Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

Store and Dispose of Blades With Care

Whether the razorblade is the type used in a shaving razor, safety razor, hobby knife or utility knife, blades must be stored and disposed of with care. Wrap in tape, paper or place in a sharps container and dispose of in the garbage or at a sharps collection location.


Dispose of Handles Separately

Save handles for reuse. If handles must be disposed of, metal handles can be treated like scrap metal. Plastic handles should be put in the garbage

Alternative Ways to Recycle

Terra Cycle Logo

Recycle Blades With Terracycle

Gillette has teamed up with Terracycle to recycle used razor blades. Request a razor collection bin and collect used blades of any brand for recycling.

Ways to Reduce

Sharpen Blades Periodically

Instead of just tossing safety razor blades when they get dull, take a few minutes to sharpen them. Each blade will last a lot longer.