Plant Pots and Planters

Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

Planters Go in the Garbage

Ceramic pots and terracotta planters are not recyclable and may contaminate glass recycling. Put them in the garbage.

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Wrap Broken Planters

Place planter shards in a small plastic bag or wrap them in newspaper. Dispose of wrapped shards in the garbage.


Metal Planters Are Scrap Metal

If you have a metal planter you’d like to get rid of, you can clean it out and dispose of it as scrap metal.

Plastic Nursery Containers

Is your pot or planter made of plastic? See plastic nursery containers for disposal instructions.

Ways to Reduce

Repair Cracked or Broken Planters

Planters with cracks, fine lines or broken pieces can be sealed with an epoxy glue or cement adhesive. This will make them waterproof and extend their life.


Repaint Old Planters

Spruce up any planters whose colors have washed out with a fresh coat of paint — they’ll look brand new. This is also a great way to hide any lines from a glue repair.

Repurpose Broken Planter Pieces

Use broken planter pieces as stones in the bottom of other plant pots to help with drainage, or turn them into plant labels for your garden, succulent terrariums or a mosaic.

Ways to Reuse

Sell or Give Away Unwanted Planters

It’s easy to find unwanted planters a new home. It only takes a couple of minutes to list them on sites such as Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp.

Did You Know?

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