Pillows & Cushions

Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

Ways to Reuse

Use as Packing Material

Old pillows and cushions make great packing material, especially for items that need to be handled more carefully.


Use as Pet Beds

Try turning barely-used pillows and cushions into a bed for your pet, or check to see if an animal shelter or animal sanctuary could use them. The Humane Society will not accept them, but other shelters or sanctuaries often do.

Fluff Up Another Pillow

If you have multiple pillows that have lost their loft, combine them! Add the stuffing from one pillow to another. This also works for sofa and chair cushions that have sagged over time, as well as stuffed toys.

Create a Floor Cushion

Large floor cushions are great for movie or game nights where lots of people want to get comfortable and lounge in one room. You can buy a pre-made cushion cover or make your own. Get more details from Home Edit.