Nut Cans

Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

Toss Cardboard Cans in the Garbage

Because they are made of mixed materials (cardboard and metal foil), these cans cannot be recycled. Toss them in the garbage.

Lids Are Plastic

Can lids are made from plastic. Find out what to do with plastic lids.

Ways to Reduce


Choose More Eco-Friendly Packaging

Choose foods that come in reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. You can also use refillable containers in the bulk section of your grocery store instead of purchasing pre-packaged foods.

Ways to Reuse


Organize Craft and Office Supplies

Use these cans to stash extra office supplies such as pens, rubber bands or pushpins. You can also use them to organize craft supplies such as thread, buttons and sewing needles.

Store Bulk Pantry Items

Use empty cans to stash loose pantry items such as nuts, teas, homemade spice mixes or anything else you like to keep on hand in your kitchen.