Medicine & Prescription Drugs

Hazardous Waste

Don’t flush unused or expired medicines down the toilet, the drain, or put them in the garbage. To dispose of medications, choose one of the following disposal options:

  1. Schedule free appointments at drop-off locations online at or by calling (408) 299-7300.
  2. View the drop-off locations below or find a drop-off bin near you.
  3. Mailback services are available upon request. Complete a request form here.

Local drop-off bin locations (please check with specific locations in advance):

  • Kaiser: 260 International Circle
  • Friendly Pharmacy One: 485 Lewis Rd #D
  • Senter Pharmacy: 2643 Senter Rd #A
  • Evergreen Pharmacy: 2365 Quimby Rd #150
  • Evergreen Pharmacy: 2690 S White Rd
  • Medex Pharmacy: 405 E Santa Clara St.
  • Bascom Pharmacy: 105 N Bascom Ave #101
  • Savco Pharmacy 455 O’Connor Drive #190
  • Santa Clara Co. Sheriff’s Office: 55 West Younger Ave
  • NEMS Lundy Pharmacy: 1870 Lundy Ave
  • iCare Pharmacy: 1727 Berryessa Rd
  • Alum Rock Pharmacy: 1855 Alum Rock Ave #A
  • Los Alamitos Pharmacy: 115 North Jackson Ave #130
  • Jackson Medical Pharmacy: 266 N Jackson Ave #8
  • Kings Pharmacy: 2323 Montpelier Dr
  • Creekside Pharmacy: 1863 Alum Rock Ave #A

Find other local drop-off bins (for medications including narcotics) by searching or


Don’t Flush Down the Toilet

Drugs dissolve when they are flushed down the toilet and can contaminate drinking water sources.


Always Scratch Out Personal Information

To protect your identity and privacy, scratch out any identifying information before disposing of empty or filled containers. Any empty bottles can be thrown in the trash.

Did You Know?

Don't Rush to Flush Unwanted Medications - English Video

Don't Rush to Flush Unwanted Medications - Spanish Video