Meat Packaging

Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

Do Not Recycle Foam or Plastic Packaging

Meat packaging cannot be recovered for recycling because of food contamination. Throw meat packaging in the garbage.


Do Not Recycle Butcher Paper

Butcher paper is a paper coated in wax that cannot be recycled. If wax paper mixes with paper recycling, it will weaken and ruin that batch of recycling.

Ways to Reduce

Visit the Meat Counter

Going to the meat counter at the supermarket is more eco-friendly than buying prepackaged meat. Meat counter workers often wrap meat in butcher paper, which reduces plastic waste.

Did You Know?

Even Meat Packaging is Becoming Eco-Friendly (Sort Of)

Food is one of the recycling industry’s major contaminants, so meat packagers are already at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to making their product recyclable. Some packaging companies, however, are now making compostable meat trays, so they can degrade in an industrial composting plant after they’re thrown out.