Mattresses & Box Springs

Junk Pickup

If your mattress and box spring are in good condition, consider donating them. Otherwise, the City’s Junk Pickup Program is a free convenient way to dispose of old mattresses, box springs, futons, and mattress toppers.  

Never dump mattresses on the side of the road. It’s expensive for public agencies to pick up illegally dumped mattresses and the Junk Pickup Program is a great free disposal option.  

Did You Know?

How Mattresses Are Recycled

Fillet the Mattress to Recycle It

St. Vincent de Paul employs workers to fillet or cut apart mattresses using a box cutter. These workers recycle approximately 170,000 mattresses per year. Compared to other mattress parts, material from “T” frame steel box springs is generally sold for the most money and lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Polyurethane from used mattresses is often recycled into wall foaming.