LEGO Bricks

Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

If your Legos are in good condition, consider donating them.


Wash Before You Donate

It’s a good practice to wash LEGO bricks before you donate or sell them. Soak LEGO bricks in warm water with some detergent and then air dry.

Ways to Reduce

Buy Used LEGO Toys

LEGO toys are made from plastic #7 and are incredibly difficult to recycle. The best way to prevent LEGO toys from sitting in a landfill is to buy used ones. This approach keeps the LEGO toys already out there in circulation.

Ways to Reuse

Donate LEGO Toys to LEGO Replay

Send your unwanted LEGO toys to LEGO Replay, which works with Teach for America and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston to give thousands of children the chance to learn through play.

Did You Know?

LEGO to Spend $1B on Going Green

The World’s Most Popular Toy

According to a 2010 survey by and, LEGO bricks are the most popular toy ever manufactured.