Juice Boxes

Put in Recycling Cart/Bin

Juice boxes are shelf-stable cartons made of layered paperboard, plastic and aluminum. Please place them in your recycling container.  

Empty the juice boxes of any liquid or residue and, if possible, remove any plastic such as straws and lids and place in the garbage.

Ways to Reduce

Orange Juice Container

Buy in Bulk

Buying individually sized juice boxes creates more waste than purchasing juice in bulk. Consider purchasing a small reusable water bottle or thermos that you can refill instead of buying disposable juice boxes.

Did You Know?

Sorting Out Juice Cartons

What Do Cartons Become?

In places that are able to process them for recycling, the paper from cartons are recycled into paper products such as paper towels, tissues and office papers. The plastic and aluminum can be burned for energy or turned into ceiling tiles and synthetic lumber board materials.