Illegal in Garbage, Recycling & Drains
Hazardous Waste
storm drain

Never Pour Down the Drain

A few spilled drops of gasoline can contaminate large quantities of clean drinking water. Never pour gasoline on the ground or down the drain. It will harm the environment and could lead to a fire or explosion.

Store Only 25 Gallons or Less

Fire codes allow homeowners to store up to 25 gallons in containers, which hold no more than five gallons each.


Store Safely

Always store away from ignition sources, such as heat, sparks or flames. Store away from your house in containers with approved labels and lids that prevent spillage. Read more safe storage practices for fuels.

Ways to Reuse


Fuel Gas-Powered Tools

If you’d like to avoid putting old gas into your car, try using it in your gas-powered tools. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers and chainsaws all run on gasoline.


Give to Your Neighborhood Landscapers

Offer unwanted gas to landscapers working in your neighborhood. They may be happy to take it off your hands, but make sure to disclose the fuel’s age.