Fresh Flowers

Yard Trimmings Cart/Pile

Remove Packaging if Composting

Remove any packaging (such as elastic bands) before placing into a compost pile or bin.

Ways to Reduce

Extend the Life

Fresh flowers will last longer if you give them new water every day, trim the stems, and give them plant food such as sugar.

Gift a Living Plant Instead

A living plant will last far longer than a bouquet of flowers and creates less waste. You can also reuse leftover nursery containers.

Ways to Reuse

Press or Dry Flowers

Once cut flowers begin to lose their freshness, they can be pressed or dried. Pressed flowers can be framed or placed in a shadowbox for display, while dry flowers can stay in a vase for decoration or be turned into a fragrant potpourri. Learn how to dry your flowers from, and how to press your flowers from First Day of Home.

Reuse the Vase

If your fresh flowers come with a vase, keep the vase for new flowers or other decorative purposes. You can also regift it the next time you give someone flowers.