Put in Recycling Cart/Bin

Recycle clean paper. Window envelopes, staples and tape are OK. Do not recycle paper that has foil residue.

Padded Envelope

Recycle Bubble Wrap with Plastic Bags

Separate the bubble wrap from the envelope, and recycle the bubble wrap with plastic bags. Recycling plants won’t accept padded envelopes because they can’t separate the mixed materials.

Recycle Tyvek with Plastic Bags

Tyvek envelopes are made of plastic film and so can be recycled with plastic bags. Do not recycle these envelopes with paper recycling.

Ways to Reduce

Junk Mail Pile

Get Off Mailing Lists

Junk mail generates a lot of waste on a weekly basis. You can reduce the amount of junk mail you receive by signing up with TrustedID Mail Preference Service.

Ways to Reuse

Use Envelopes More Than Once

As much as possible, try to use envelopes more than once before disposing of them. You can cover old addresses with labels or by crossing them out.