Computer Monitors

Illegal in Garbage & Drains
E-Waste Junk Pickup

If your items are in good condition, consider donating them.

Trash Bin

Never Throw in the Trash

Computer monitors, including cathode ray tube (CRT), LCD and plasma, are considered hazardous waste. Never throw computer or television monitors in the trash, because some types will leach lead into the environment.

Did You Know?

The Problem of E-Waste

E-waste is a dangerous business in India and China, where e-waste recycling plants release toxic chemicals into the air and cause health problems for recycling workers. To learn more about e-waste, check out The Story of Stuff Project.

Developed Countries and Their E-Waste

In 2014, the world generated about 46.1 million tons of e-waste. Together, the U.S. and China generated one-third of this total, according to a report by the United Nations University. That’s over 15 million tons of electronic waste in one year from two countries alone. Total e-waste generation is estimated to grow close to 20 percent by 2018.