Christmas Trees (Artificial)

Junk Pickup Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

If your tree is in good condition, consider donating it. If not and it can be disassembled, the pieces can go in your garbage container.  Trees that don’t come apart can be disposed of through the City’s Junk Pickup Program.  

Did You Know?

Fake Trees: Greener Than Real Trees?

There’s no clear winner in the debate about whether real or fake trees are the more environmentally friendly choice. Some people say it’s fake trees because using them saves cutting down one tree for every year you use them. But others say real trees are best because they can be turned back into mulch, instead of filling up landfills with plastic. The only clear green choice is to skip fake or real trees and get a living, potted tree instead.

Inspired by the Toilet Brush

The first artificial Christmas tree made from brush bristles was manufactured in 1930 by the Addis Brush Company, using the same machinery that it used to make toilet bowl brushes, the only difference being they dyed the bristles green.