Special Instructions

Dispose of Gas Chainsaws as Scrap Metal

All metal pieces, including the blade, can be recycled with other scrap metal. Find out how to dispose of scrap metal.


Remove All Gas and Oil

Gas and oil must be removed from the chainsaw prior to disposal. Follow our instructions on how to safely dispose of fuel and used oil.

Electric Chainsaws Are E-Waste

Anything powered by batteries or electricity, such as an electric chainsaw, is considered e-waste. Find out how to dispose of e-waste.


Remove the Rechargeable Battery

If your chainsaw is battery-powered, remove the battery prior to disposal. Find out how to safely dispose of rechargeable batteries.


Handle With Care

Wear proper safety gear, including gloves and safety glasses, whenever you are handling a chainsaw. Even if you think the chain is dull, it can still cut you.

Ways to Reduce

Sharpen the Chain

If you use your chainsaw a lot, the blade will have to be sharpened in order to stay in working condition. Learn basic sharpening techniques from This Old House or how to use a special 2-in-1 chainsaw sharpener.


Repair Your Chainsaw

If your chainsaw stops working, consider taking it in for repair or trying to repair it at home. Wearing proper safety gear, try out these repair instructions from Family Handyman.

Ways to Reuse

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Still Working? Sell or Donate It

If your chainsaw is still in working condition, consider selling it (whole or in parts), donating it or giving it away.

Turn Old Blades Into Handsaws

If your chainsaw no longer works but its blade is in good condition, you can remove the blade and turn it into a handsaw. Wearing proper safety gear, try out these DIY handsaw instructions.