Car Seats

Alternative ways to recycle
Junk Pickup

Consider donating car seats.  


car seat buckle

Only Recyclable in Pieces

While whole car seats aren’t recyclable, they can be recycled in pieces. You’ll need to disassemble the seat so you can recycle the plastic, metal and fabric components separately.

Alternative Ways to Recycle


Target Car Seat Trade-In Program

Target runs periodically car seat trade-in events. Guests who trade in their old car seats will receive a discount coupon for a new car seat or other select child equipment. Complete details can be found on Target’s website.

Did You Know?

The Damage Is There, Even When You Can't See It

Car seat expiration dates (or 6 years, if unmarked) shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if the car seat doesn’t look damaged, the materials it’s made out of degrade over time, especially with regular exposure to UV light through car windows. Be careful when buying used: only accept a used car seat from someone you know and trust. 

Safe Trumps Green

When buying a car seat, green isn’t always best. Experts don’t recommend buying used, even though it’s greener than buying new. Organic seat covers won’t shield your child from the toxic leaching of flame-retardant materials, either. If you want to incorporate being green and healthy into your car seat choice, check out Healthy Stuff’s Children’s Car Seat Study.