Candy Wrappers

Put in Garbage Cart/Bin
potato chip bag

Do the Crinkle Test

A simple way to figure out if you can recycle a wrapper is to do the crinkle test. If it crinkles like a potato chip bag or a flower bouquet wrap, you cannot recycle it.

Ways to Reduce

Buy Candy Wrapped in Aluminum or Paper

To reduce the impact of candy wrapper waste on the environment, choose candy that’s wrapped in recyclable materials like 100% paper or 100% aluminum foil.

Did You Know?

The Truth About Candy Wrappers

Candy wrappers are made from a mix of materials, which makes it hard and expensive for facilities to turn them into useful materials, especially because they are not generated in high volumes like plastic bottles or aluminum cans. When possible, try to buy candy packaged in recyclable materials, or better yet, from the bulk bin.