Bungee Cords

Put in Garbage Cart/Bin

Never Recycle Bungee Cords

Cords and cables such as bungee cords easily wrap around sorting equipment. This can damage or shut down machinery and create safety hazards for sanitation workers. Be sure to toss your bungee cords once you’re through with them.

Ways to Reduce


Use Rope Instead

The next time you consider buying a bungee cord, try using rope instead. Common rope is more eco-friendly than bungee cords because the material is renewable and biodegradable. Also, the rope won’t be damaged by sunlight the way a bungee cord will.

Ways to Reuse

Use for Crafts & Organization

There are many different uses for old bungee cords around the house. Find out how to organize power cables, baby proof your home and more with these ideas from Good Housekeeping.