Air Compressors

Hazardous Waste
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Refrigerant? Dispose of through a RAD Partner

Fridges, freezers and air-conditioning units may contain freon, a hazardous refrigerant which must be drained and properly handled. To dispose of refrigerated appliances, find an EPA-certified Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) partner.

Toxic Symbol

Oil Is Hazardous Waste

Compressors usually contain an oil also known as condensate. Dispose of the oil as hazardous waste.

No Oil or Refrigerant? It’s Scrap Metal

If the oil and refrigerant have been removed from the compressor tank, you can recycle it with scrap metal.

Ways to Reuse

Still Working? Sell or Donate It!

Air compressors are valuable even if previously used. If upgrading, consider selling or donating your old compressor to extend its life.

Broken? Give It Away!

If your air compressor is broken, try giving it away for spare parts.