Plastic #7 (Other)

Put in Garbage Cart/Bin Put in Recycling Cart/Bin

#7 plastics include bottles, tubs and jars can be recycled.  However, plastic pallets, acrylic plastic (also called acrylic glass) and compostable/biodegradable plastics go in the garbage container.  Unless you can donate them, other types of plastic #7, such as Legos, go in the garbage as well.


Biodegradable Plastic Is Not Recyclable

Vegetable-based plastics such as PLA are often labeled as plastic #7, but they are not recyclable. Find out what to do with biodegradable bags and compostable cups, plates & utensils.

Did You Know?

PLA Plastic vs. PET Plastic

PET plastic is a petroleum-based plastic while PLA plastic is a bioplastic typically made from fermented plant starch. While PET plastic can be easily recycled, PLA is more difficult to recycle and requires a special facility in order to be composted. Before disposing, avoid contaminating your recycling by double-checking whether your item is PET or PLA and the current disposal instructions for that material.