Plastic #5 (Polypropylene)

Put in Recycling Cart/Bin

Containers are OK.  You can put plastic #5 containers in your recycling.  If a container once held food, empty and scrape the container as well as you can before recycling it. Containers with food and liquids can contaminate whole batches of recycling and are often sent to a landfill.

plastic bottle caps

Keep Caps On

When recycling plastic water bottles or plastic containers with colorful caps, leave the cap on. While caps used to be difficult to separate from bottles, recycling equipment and processes have advanced, and it is much easier now to recycle the whole bottle at once. Find out more.


Avoid Heating Plastic

Keep plastics containing food or drink out of the microwave, dishwasher and other hot places, like your car. The warmer plastic gets, the more it tends to break down, melt, and release chemicals.

Did You Know?

What Plastic #5 Can Become

Plastic #5 can be recycled into battery cables and cases, brooms, brushes, bicycle racks and ice scrapers.