November 15: America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day is November 15th. To celebrate, people all across America are taking the day to organize, educate and improve our recycling systems. Here in San José, we’ve put together some family-friendly recycling activities and resources for residents to explore on our America Recycles Day webpage.

Why Recycle?

So, why does recycling need a special day? The United States recycles less than 22% of discarded materials, although much more could actually be recycled. Many of these items could be recycled and turned into new products. For example, recycling five plastic bottles produces enough fiber to fill one winter jacket. Recycling also keeps these items out of landfills and saves energy and valuable natural resources. America Recycles Day is an opportunity to educate and inspire our neighbors, communities, families and friends to recycle right and make a difference.

Take Action

A great way to start creating meaningful change is to educate yourself on what’s recyclable. Check out our recycling guide on to learn how to dispose of hundreds of commonly used items as well as informative tips and tricks on how to recycle, reduce, and reuse.

Visit our America Recycles Day webpage for videos, webinars, fun activities for kids like word searches, crosswords and bingo, and more!

Help us spread the word about America Recycles Day and the importance of recycling right. By committing to recycling right and sharing these resources with others, together we can #keepSJclean.

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